Official regulations

Official regulation for the viewers

MANAGEMENT OF THE ROMANIAN NATIONAL OPERA IN CLUJ-NAPOCA asks you to pay attention to the following basic rules during your presence on the premises and in the spaces of the institution.

Compliance with this REGULATION is mandatory for all persons present at shows, and in case of non-compliance, the institution has the right to refuse the access of the persons in the building, or to exclude them from the event, in which case the ticket will not be refunded.

Public access to the shows of THE ROMANIAN NATIONAL OPERA IN CLUJ-NAPOCA is allowed exclusively based on the tickets sold at the Theater Agency in Cluj-Napoca, Ştefan cel Mare Square, no. 14, or online at, within the limits of available seats.

By purchasing the ticket and attending the event, the viewer agrees to be filmed / photographed during the performance and allows the Operations Manager to use the photo / video / audio recordings for promotional purposes, complying with this regulation throughout the event.

THE ROMANIAN NATIONAL OPERA IN CLUJ-NAPOCA offers discounts for students, students and pensioners only on the basis of the documents presented at the Theatrical Agency when purchasing the ticket, as well as at the entrance to the showroom. If the spectator can not prove his or her status as a student, student or pensioner, the ROMANIAN NATIONAL OPERA OF CLUJ-NAPOCA may refuse access to the room without refunding the equivalent value of the respective ticket.

For the convenience of all viewers, children under 3 years of age are not allowed in the auditorium.

Entrance of children aged over 3 years in the auditorium is only allowed on a ticket issued within the limits of the available places, at a reduced price, for the shows dedicated to them.

Certain productions of the NATIONAL ROMANIAN OPERA IN CLUJ-NAPOCA may contain messages or images not recommended for a particular age segment and, if this happens, this warning is mentioned on the poster of that production and on the official website of the institution. In this case, the organizers reserve the right to refuse access to the auditorium for the age categories that may be the subject of this message.

Entrance to the auditorium after the the event started, on the schedule printed on the ticket, is strictly forbidden.

Not being able to be present on time for the show does not entitle you to reimbursement of the ticket nor to use it for a later performance.

For the convenience of the spectators, THE ROMANIAN NATIONAL OPERA IN CLUJ-NAPOCA recommends the use of the wardrobe, this service being provided free of charge.

To prevent copyright infringement, it is forbidden to use mobile phones, cameras and video or audio recorders for the duration of the event, otherwise the representatives of the Opera or the competent bodies are entitled to exclude persons which violate these prohibitions from the rooms.

Smoking is prohibited inside the NATIONAL ROMANIAN OPERA IN CLUJ-NAPOCA (this applies also for medicinal or electronic cigarettes).

Animals are not allowed in the auditorium.

Strictly forbidden – access to the auditorium with any type of food, colored or carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, laser flashlights, sharp objects, toxic substances, odorants, psychotropic substances or weapons. Representatives of the Romanian National Opera from Cluj-Napoca reserve the right to perform entrance checks. It is also forbidden:

– throwing objects on the scene, committing actions that violate order and endangering the unfolding of events.

– aggressive behavior, vulgar and abusive language, threats, high tone towards other spectators or representatives of the Opera.

– performing any kind of trade, distribution of informational and advertising content without the written permission of the management.

In case of an artist’s illness, fortuitous or force majeure, ROMANIAN NATIONAL OPERA OF CLUJ-NAPOCA reserves the right to make changes in the show program and tickets sold may be refunded or renewed for another performance. Amounts resulting from additional costs for viewers (transport, hotel, courier, bank charges, etc.) will not be covered by the organizer.

The program of the shows of the NATIONAL ROMANIAN OPERA IN CLUJ-NAPOCA can be modified, and the updated version of the program is available on

Spectators will comply with the rules of good behavior, will maintain public order and accepted standards of conduct, safety and fire safety regulations and to comply with the legal orders of the representatives of the NATIONAL ROMANIAN OPERA OF CLUJ-NAPOCA and of the law enforcement bodies.

THE ROMANIAN NATIONAL OPERA IN CLUJ-NAPOCA is the sole producer, holder of copyright and related rights from and of the performances presented by the institution, which is why the institution reserves the rights to defend itself by all means provided by law.

Manager of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca

Dr. Florin ESTEFAN


Dear guests of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca,

Our main goal is to offer you a memorable experience at every artistic event of the Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca, which is why we ask you to support us in the following aspects of the ettiquete, current and respected rules in the most important theaters of opera in the whole world, defining performances that are successful and, above all, agreeable for the public.

  • Dress properly

Dacă vorbim despre evenimente muzicale clasice sau spectacole de operă, este indicat să purtați o ținută echilibrată, nici foarte lejeră, nici exagerat de formală. When it comes to classical musical events or opera performances, it is advisable to wear a balanced style, neither too light nor overly formal.

  • Be on time

Your delay creates serious inconvenience for the orchestra, but also for those already present in the audience. This can be avoided by paying more attention to the duration of your journey to the Opera and to all the possible factors that would prevent you from arriving on time.

Access to the auditorium after the start of the performance is allowed only at break.

  • Check and make sure that your mobile phone is turned off.

Using mobile phones is forbidden. The light emitted by the screens is extremely disturbing to the other participants in the show.

  • Taking pictures and / or video recording is not allowed during the performance

Given that your flash will distract the attention of the performers, and your movements will disturb both the focus and the joy of viewers nearby, filming and taking pictures are strictly forbidden.

Video recordings on any support are not allowed and may be the subject of copyright infringement complaints.

  • Keep quiet.

Sit quietly and wait patiently for the start of the show, while you can talk in a whisper and with great discretion.

After the show started, avoid dialogues, whispering, whistling, humming during the music, not to distract the attention of the other participants in the show.

Standing up, moving around the auditorium or leaving before the end of the show are unanimously considered as disrespectful attitudes that may lead to banning access to the showroom.

  • Access with food and / or drinks is strictly forbidden in the Romanian National Opera Hall in Cluj-Napoca.

For more information, please refer to the Official Regulation for the viewers available on