You and the Opera

The story of the lyrical theater of Cluj transcends time and space, revealing itself to all our spectators, small or big, and inviting them to live the magic of art and the charm of the lyric. With a repertoire of tradition of a high international reputation, the Romanian National Opera from Cluj-Napoca greets its public through a complete portfolio of the most distinguished, appreciated and loved opera creations, harmoniously placed on a portative by composers of all time.

Opera loving general audience

The mature audiences, who have a deep passion for the lyrical universe, will be delighted to find in our repertoire all the titles they are accustomed to watching in our auditorium and will be charmed by Giuseppe Verdi, WA Mozart, Giacomo Puccini, Richard Wagner, Jules Massenet, Gaetano Donizetti, Gioachino Rossini, Léo Delibes and many others.

So we invite you to come and return with the same pleasure at the Romanian National Opera from Cluj, to follow our activity on the website and on the social networks, and by subscribing to our weekly newsletter that will keep you posted to all our news. Also, do not forget that you can share your opinions and suggestions on the official address The opera belongs to all of us!

Young public and small opera lovers

The young opera lovers are also invited to discover us among the labyrinths of the old theater, the auditorium and behind the curtain. A fascinating world glows in thousands colors in front of them, with each show dedicated to children and young people, from the “Spărgătorul de nuci”, to “Fata babei și fata moșului” or “Peter Pan”, which reveal their universal and local lyrical repertoire, to make them fall in love with opera. And if the shows awaken their appetite and curiosity for art, our less conventional invitations, at Open Doors for the young opera lovers, are organized precisely from the desire to reveal our art from its first glimpse to the last detail arranged on stage.