„OPERA 100” photographic exhibition: the culminating moment of the festivities dedicated to the first Centenary of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca

The centenary festivities dedicated to The Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca have enthusiastically debuted this fall, on the memorable date of September, 18 – the day that our theatre’s establishment document was signed, 100 years ago. We celebrated it accordingly, through a day dedicated to us all: artists and public, who were welcome to step into our universe through guided tours and a dedicated anniversary tv show.

Our surprises continued the following day, on the 19th of September 2019, when the large public was invited, at the Vernissage of the Photographic Exhibition OPERA 100, presented on Eroilor’s Boulevard, in the Time Tunnel – an inspired structure created by The National History Museum of Transylvania, partner to this project. Our event marked a premiere, revealing a remarkable gallery of photos with legendary performances, artists and inspiring personalities in The Romanian National Opera’s history. The vernissage was presented in the presence of our opera house’s official representatives, as well as special guests: esteemed Professors doctors Vasile Dîncu, Vákár István, Ioan Bolovan, Felix Marcu, and Lecturer Iulia Suciu. The open air exhibition is open to the large public and can be admired until October, 9, 2019, as its curators promise an even more detailed exhibition for the spring of 2020. Until we unlock its surprises and secrets, we hope you enjoy our current time-travel, the season’s upcoming performances and special events, all significantly brought together by the 100 landmark!