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Gaetano Donizetti
Friday, 17 January 2020, Hour 18:30
Main Hall

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Conductor: Adrian Morar
Artistic Direction and Scenography: Marius Vlad Budoiu
Stage and backstage direction: Alina Simona Nistor


Don Pasquale: Petre Burcă
Doctor Malatesta: Geani Brad
Ernesto: Sorin Lupu
Norina: Lucia Bulucz

The Notary: Sebastian Balaj 
Two Bandits: Ștefan Muț (guest)
Fazakas Tamas (guest)
Two officers: Titus Pop (guest),
Alexandru Dascăl (guest)
The Guitarist: Babțan-Varga Flórián (guest)
A trompeter: Petru Lupu (guest)





show category: opera

Inspired by the unmistakable Donizettian charm, the first lyric premiere of this year, gives us a captivating, spicy and colorful show. DON PASQUALE – other than you have ever seen or imagined – is boldly reinterpreted for this new production, which takes him to the contemporary Wild West. The wealthy, middle-aged bachelor eager for love – as he had been portrayed in the masterpiece of G. Donizetti – raised laughter and applause from the evening of his absolute premiere on January 3, 1843, at the Italian Theater in Paris, representing the climax of the 19th-century opera. Now he crosses the space and imaginary borders, in a story with mobsters, cowboys and ferocious gunmen – they all know Don Pasquale, a famous banker and the head of a mafia Family. Act I begins at dawn, at a bank in Tombstone, the Wild West. Don Pasquale, the owner of Pasquale Bank, doesn’t have so much to work as a banker, but he has three employees who are also bandits, and they make a profit for the bank. His nephew, Ernesto, wants to marry Norina, a young woman whom Pasquale does not know. Because Pasquale offered his nephew a marriage with a beautiful fortune and he refused, he decided to dismantle himself and thus marry himself. As a counselor, he took Dr. Malatesta, who is also friends with Ernesto. He decides to mimic a marriage of Pasquale to Norina in order to make him willingly give up the idea. Ernesto is desperate because he doesn’t understand anything. Act 2 brings us back to the Tombstone bank in the evening. Ernesto mourns his fate, accompanied by a trumpeter and goes out into the world. Pasquale is waiting for Malatesta to come with the bride. When they are comming, she plays the part of the newly departed monastery of Sofronia and Pasquale is seduced. One of his three employees pretends to be the notary and Ernesto comes to say goodbye to him right in the middle of the ceremony. After a moment of confusion, he finds the truth and he also comes into play. Pasquale is completely stunned by the new turn of events. The action of Act III is taking place in Miami, behind a villa on the ocean shore. After the meal, Pasquale, head of the Mafia clan, is desperate for his wife’s expenses. She wants to go out to the theater and Pasquale opposes. Norina (Sofronia) wins and Pasquale wakes up with a slap. After Norina’s departure, Dr. Malatesta appears. At this point the two plan to surprise Sofronia (Norina) with a worshiper. The purpose of Act III consists of the same location, seen from the opposite side. The night. Ernesto comes to sing to Norina (Sofroniei) a serenade. She comes along and sings a duet. At the sudden appearance of Pasquale with Malatesta, Ernesto manages to run away without being seen. Pasquale is tired of such a marriage and decides to give Ernesto the one he loves. Everyone is happy!Keeping the essence of the classic story, but offering its uniqueness and freshness, this production will surprise, amuse and intrigue you through numerous colorful and comic moments, all on Gaetano Donizetti’s magical score.

Recommended age: 7+

The show has two breaks and ends around 9:15 pm