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Monday, 17 February 2020, Hour 10:00
Main Hall

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Artistic direction: Iulian Sandu
Stage and backstage direction: Alina Simona Nistor

Cast to be published soon



show category: matinee

Reccomended age: 5+

Monday, the 17th of February 2020, beginning with 10:00 a.m.The Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca widely opens its gates for two hours of fascinating discoveries, and fantastic artistic travels! The event is especially dedicated to the younger public, but can be just as well savoured by spectators of all ages, eager to catch and feel the magic behind an opera performance.

Our visitors will be welcomed to step on the red carpet, and invited in the “performance” behind the performance: they will be able to reveal the mysterious curtain and find out what truly happens backstage, how a lyric production is brought together, they will participate at all the preparations – from the make-up and costumes that transform the artists in fairytale characters, all the way to soloistic, orchestra, choir, and ballet rehearsals, which create and entire and complete performance! They shall discover the Opera, and all of its wonders! 

Accompanied by the most beloved characters, and artists of our Opera house: soloists, ballet dancers, instrumentalists, artistic directors, scenographers, as well as production and preparation staff, the spectators will climb, search, and walk through all of our unseen labyrinths! Nevertheless, we promise you an unforgettable experience!


*Each guided tour takes approximately 45 min., the participants having the possibility of choosing among a series of scheduled tour intervals.