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Friday, 29 May 2020, Hour 18:00

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Conductor: Vladimir Lungu
Aristic director: Mihaela Bogdan
Scenography: Anca Pintilie
Coreography: Pavel Rotaru
Fashion design: Ovidiu Pop
Stage and backstage director: Dan Lupea

Orchestra and Ballet Ensemble of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca
in collaboration with the Ballet Studios of the Cultural Foundation "Simona Noja"


Anita Hartig (special guest)
Teodor Ilincăi (special guest)

Lorena Puican
Alexandra Leșiu

Ballet Soloist:

Andreea Jura
Dan Haja
Adelina Filipaș
Augustin Gribincea
Mircea Munteanu
Hui-Yi Wen
Liviu Har

Giancarlo Palena (guest): accordion
Vlad Baciu: violin

Presented by Loredana Corchiș and Marius Constantinescu


show category: Online performance, opera gala

Performance recorded in partnership with TVR Cluj on 09.03.2019.

The Opera Ball, which has become an emblematic event of the institution through the tradition of the 25 editions, addresses, once again, Opera lovers, a classic waltz invitation, the audience not only being spectators – as usual at the season’s shows -, its contribution being active and by participating in dance. The whole hall is decorated in a festive spirit, in an attempt to emphasize the elegance and refinement of the Vienna Opera Ball. The chairs in the stable are removed, the hall being specially prepared to connect the audience area and the stage. Here, the audience is in the immediate vicinity of the show, enjoying the occasional moments of interaction with the protagonists of the vocal and choreographic moments. The musical program translates through the same concept of elegance, and includes orchestral, solo – vocal and instrumental moments: waltzes, arias, ballads, musical fragments that respect the dancing character, being thus played by stage movement, by the participation of pairs of soloists of the Ensemble of Ballet of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj. In the context of the interpretation of the musical moments by the soloists of the institution together with prestigious guests of this edition – soprano Anita Hartig, tenor Teodor Ilincăi and conductor Vladimir Lungu -, the opportunity is created to give them recognition for professional merits, dedicating the same importance to young people. artistic values ​​that promise a successful career. Therefore, the Excellence Awards are presented, this festive moment being followed by the cocktail break, which is, in essence, an invitation to socialize. The defining element of the evening is the waltz, a delightful challenge to dance with artists who have previously performed on the same stage. Stolen from a phrase that Johann Strauss used to utter at the beginning of Viennese balls, the exhortation Alles walzer! encourages the public to occupy the hall of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca, which now becomes a huge dance floor that is used to waltz until after midnight.


Co-Organizers: Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca and Transilvania Leaders Foundation


Supporters of the Transilvania Leaders Foundation:

NTT DATA Romania, RMB Inter Auto, Transavia, OTC Group, Electrogrup, Banca Transilvania, Darian DRS, EnergoBit, Arobs Transilvania Software, Remarul 16 February


Sponsors and partners:


Raiffeisen Bank, Brâncoveanu, SABER Elyzia, Wens Travel, Impress Printing, Advertising Showcase, Mercedes Benz, PP Protect Security, Hotel Opera Plaza, Jidvei, Ovidiu Pop, iTux, Iooi Flowers, Catwalk, Estée Lauder, Attitude Dance Studio, Cultural Foundation „ Simona Noja ”, Urma Fashion, Michal Negrin

Media partners:

TVR 3, TVR Cluj, Radio România Muzical, Radio Cluj, Transilvania Reporter, Monitorul de Cluj, Făclia



18.00-18: 50

Receiving guests on the red carpet

7:00 p.m.

Singing the National Anthem of Romania and the Anthem of the European Union

7:10 p.m.

Opening remarks by Mr. Florin Estefan, General Manager of the Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca

7:20 p.m.

Aristic program

Awarding of prizes:

* “Alexandru Fărcaș” Award for Young Talents

* Lya Hubic Award

* “Dimitrie Popovici-Bayreuth” Award for excellence in a male voice

* Grand Prize of the Transilvania Leaders Foundation