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Monday, 01 June 2020, Hour 10:00

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Music arr: Flaviu Mogoșan
Conductor:Flaviu Mogoșan
Artistic Direction: Iulian Ioan Sandu 
Scenography: Valentin Codoiu 
Choreography: Anca Opriș Popdan 
Musical training: Renata Burcă (Invitată) 
Assistant of artistic director: Camelia Crișan (Invitată) 
Stage and backstage direction: Silvia Papadopoulos 
Prompter: Beáta Vincze 
Tehnic director: Emeric Fülöp

The Old Woman's Daughter: Anca Aluaș 
The Old Man's Daughter: Oana Trîmbițaș (Invitată) 
The Puss: Florin Pop 
The Fox: Bogdan Nistor 
The Oven/ The Lad I: George Godja (Invitat) 
The tree/ The Lad II: Istvan Kozocsa (Invitat) 
The Old Woman: Frunzina Anghel (Invitată) 
The Old Man: Călin Mureșan (Invitat) 
The Goat: Ramona Atanasoaie (Invitată) 
The wolf/ The Lad III: Ionuț Constantinescu (Invitat) 
The bear: Robert Gutunoiu (Invitat) 
The fairy: Andreea Bolovan (Invitată) 

Clarinet: Mihai Toader 
Violin: Rareș Munthiu 
Contrabass: Raul Lenart 

Production of National Romanian Opera Workshops Cluj-Napoca Workshops




show category: matinee, Online performance

Recording made in partnership with TVR Cluj on February 29, 2016. Performance made in partnership with the “Puck” Puppet Theater.

Operetta in an act (3 paintings). The show reminiscent of  Ion Creangă, brimming with momentum in childhood, fascinates the small spectators at once, in a fairy tale set on notes, which gives birth to the most unexpected characters. Adapted from the operetta “The Hardworking Old Man’s Daughter “, written in 1982 by the composer Florin Comișel, the show is based on the libretto of Cezar Țipa, who inspired with inspiration in the popular story characters from two other famous fairy tales, “Puss in Boots” and “Capra cu trei iezi”, arousing even more the curiosity and joy of the little ones.

The heroine of the operetta, Ilenuța, the girl of the old man, candid and modest, teaches us how kindness, hard work, patience and seriousness are values ​​that help us to have a beautiful life, with noble aims. At the opposite pole, Marhiolița, the old woman’s daughther, lazy and wicked, does nothing but intrigue, remaining ultimately dissatisfied and disappointed. The teachings of the story give birth to an operetta of popular essence, meant to bring to light the moral values ​​of the Romanian peasant, in a performance directed by Iulian Ioan Sandu, successfully doubled in the musical plane by the instrumental arrangement of Flaviu Mogoșan.