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Tuesday, 31 March 2020, Hour 18:00

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Conductor: Gabriel Bebeșelea
Artistic direction: Nadine Duffaut (guest)
Setting: Emmanuele Favre (guest)
Costumes: Gérard Audier (guest)
Choreography: Dan Haja
Chorus conductor: Corneliu Felecan
Stage and backstage direction:Cristina Albu
Musical training: Adela Bihari, Lucian Dușa, Ovidiu Moldovan
Chorus musical training: Ioana Grünner
Ballet training:Dorina Cârlig
Prompters:Monica Denițiu, Flaviu Mogoșan

Violetta Valéry, curtezană: Diana Țugui
Alfredo Germont: Cosmin Ifrim (guest)
Giorgio Germont: Florin Estefan
Flora Bervoix: Viktória Cormoș (invitată,debut)
Annina: Oana Trîmbițaș (debut)
Gastone, Viconte de Letorières: Eusebiu Huțan (debut)
Baron Douphol: Cristian Hodrea
Marquis d’Obigny: Bogdan Nistor
Doctor Grenvil: Petru Burcă
Giuseppe: Tudor Demeter (debut)
The Commissioner: Varga János
Flora’s servant: Varga János
Alfredo’s sister: Alina Simona Nistor (debut)

The Orchestra, the Chorus and the Ballet Ensemble of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca




show category: Online performance

Premiere: 01.10.2016 

Opera in three acts on a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, based on Alexandre Dumas-son’s novel The Lady of the Camellias

One of the most touching and fascinating operas ever, Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpiece, inspired by writer Alexandre Dumas-son’s autobiographical novel The Lady of the Camellias, takes us in the bourgeois Paris, where the love between Violetta Valéry and Alfredo Germont lays under the sign of suffering and sacrifice.

La traviata production was born due to a great partnership between Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca and the french creation team gathering Nadine Duffaut – stage director, Emmanuelle Favre and Gérard Audier who boldly settle the original love story during World War II, in a German-occupied Paris. The sparkling parties held by the great parisian world take place, this time, at the famed lux hotel Lutetia, and among the participants one can identify not just Violetta’s aspirants, but also the Nazis whereby she secretly collaborates. Her early death will come as a result of her disease, painful love, but also as a consequence to the humiliation the french liberators subject her. We invite you to a an encounter with the charming, verdian La traviata, in a whole new, surprising staging, waiting to be revealed.

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