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Wednesday, 02 October 2019, Hour 18:30
Main Hall

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Conductor: Adrian Morar
Direction and choreography, after Marius Petipa’s classic choreography: Felicia Șerbănescu
Scenography: Valentin Codoiu


Kitri/Dulcineea: Andreea Jura
Basil, Kitri’s fiancé: Dan Haja
Don Quijote: Radu Sântimbrean
Sancho Panza: Alexandru Dobre (debut)
Mercedes: Wen Hui-Yi
Espado: Mircea Munteanu

Two flower girls: Laura Pop, Dalia Costea

Spanish girls: Dorina Lucaciu
Dryads fairy: Wen Hui-Yi
Little Cupid: Laura Pop

Fandango soloists: Dorina Lucaciu, Romulus Petruș

Gamache (The Dandy): Mircea Cădariu
Lorenzo (tatăl lui Kitri): Marius Toda
The Innkeeper: Daniel Moga

The Dryads Fairy: Dorina Lucaciu,Rodica Bacoiu,Ofelia Mărginean, Diana Groza, Nanaka Ogawa, Cristiana Gruia, Polina Stănescu, Iuliana Dane, Petra Trăilă, Nagy Ingrid,Kiby Forcoș, Cristina Pop, Miruna Pașca, Melania Dindelegan, Agata Olah, Ariana Chinan

Little Cupid: Giulia Dardani, Gloria Dava-Pravăț, Giulia Duca, Moldovan Beatrice, Maria Grec, Iana Lucaciu, Luana Pop, Ștefania Suciu

Toreadors: Romulus Petruș, Valentin Mihăilă, Paul Cuibus,Octavian Popa, Liviu Har, Lucian Bacoiu

Spanish girls: Alina Negru, Cristina Toda, Cristina Boboc, Antonela Oancea, Gabriela Sima, Kiby Forcoș

Seguidilla: Ofelia Mărginean, Rodica Bacoiu, Diana Groza, Ingrid Nagy, Cristina Pop, Nanaka Ogawa, Ariana Chinan, Cristiana Gruia, Tudor Stupar, Robert Kalman, Andrei Damaschin

Fandango: Beatrice Drăgușin, Iuliana Dane, Rodica Bacoiu, Diana Groza, Nagy Ingrid, Cristina Boboc, Kiby Forcoș, Cristina Pop, Valentin Mihăilă, Paul Cuibus, Octavian Popa, Liviu Har, Andrei Damaschin, Tudor Stupar, Lucian Bacoiu, Robert Kalman

Four girls: Miruna Pașca, Melania Dindelegan, Agatha Olah, Mara Nădărig

Four boys: Ambrus Marc, Zelenka Antonio, Mihai Pop, Luca Fărcaș


The Orchestra, the Soloists and the Ballet Ensemble of the Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca

A Group of Students from the "Octavian Stroia" High School of Choreography and Dramatic Art in Cluj-Napoca

Artistic direction and choreography adaptation: Pavel Rotaru
Stage and backstage direction: Cristina Albu



show category: ballet

Ballet in two acts and a prologue libretto by Miguel de Cervantes’ homonym novel

Recommended Age: 5+

Although Cervantes’ Don Quixote novel inspired several ballet productions signed by some notorious choreographers, the Balșoi production (1869) that was born from Marius Petipa’s and Ludwig Minkus’ collaboration brought, at least to the second of them, not just and unprecedented succes, but also the Imperial Ballet from Sankt Petersburg’s official composer position.

Indeed, the rhythmic vivacity and enchantingly melodiuous music of the austrian composer’s matched perfectly the comic scenario centerd around lovers Kitri and Basil, and around Don Quixote. Smitten by Kitri’s beauty, which makes him confuse her with Dulcineea – the lady of his dreams – Don Quixote starts his search for the girl, after she runs from home with Basil, to avoid being parted by her father. The knight will contribute significantly in bringing the two lovers together, tricking Lorenzo – Kitri’s father – into accepting their marriage. Thus, the “vicissitudes” fallen over the couple are blithely overpassed and the story ends with a soumptous wedding party, attended, for a few moments, also by the wandering knight and his squire Sancho Panza.

The performance has one break and ends around 8.45 p.m.

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