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Wednesday, 23 October 2019, Hour 18:30
Main Hall

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Conductor: Gheorghe Victor Dumănescu
Scenographyfia: Valentin Codoiu
Stage and backstage direction: Dan Lupea

Cecilia Csomai (guest)
Florina Dan (guest)
Alina Maria Grigore (guest)
Manuela Ipate (guest)
Christine Razec (guest)

Alexandra Leșiu

David Pogana (guest)
Aurelian Mihai Filip (guest)
Denis Ursan (guest)
Mihai Urzicană (guest)

The Orchestra of The Romanian National Opera in Cluj-Napoca


show category: vocal-symphonic concert

Event realised under the High Patronage of the Royal Family of Romania 


Recommended age: 6+

The Romanian National Opera of Cluj-Napoca has the pleasure of inviting you on Wednesday, the 23rd of October 2019, to an event of tradition and special significance: OPERA REGALE, an exceptional concert, organised yearly in honour of the Royal Family of Romania, while celebrating and promoting artistic excellence. The stage is thus granted to young opera artists, uniting promissing singers of the Cluj lyric theatre, together with special guests, and talented students and graduates of the opera field.

Established in 1919 under the patronage of King Ferdinand I of Romania, the Romanian National Opera of Cluj-Napoca would become the first lyric theatre founded in our country and a high-class representative of national and international culture and art, whose main goal has never ceased to be all this while to promote lyric virtuousity, tradition and talent, constantly honouring its origins and history.

On the occasion of this year’s Opera Regale Concert – the event’s forth edition – our theatre’s distinguished heritage is celebrated once again, being dedicated all the opera lovers. The performance is expected to impress its public, proving yet again the cultural value of this artistic establishment, with the goal of promoting young talents in a common mission with the Royal Family of Romania, whose attention and support towards crafted young people, promoted through social events and projects, are renowned.

The concert has one break and ends around  08.30 p.m.

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